Cocoa Beach Fishing Charters

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Cocoa Beach, Florida is a mecca for both inshore and offshore fishing. Located close to the gulfstream, with deep drop offs, wrecks, and reefs – anglers here can expect to catch a plethora of saltwater game fish all year long. Fin Factor Charters runs nearshore and offshore fishing charters out of Cocoa Beach on two different styles of boats. Check out our Cocoa Beach fishing lineup below.

Cocoa Beach Fishing with Captain Joe

Fin Factor Charters

Captain Joseph A. Smith, and the team at Fin Factor host a variety of fishing charters. Fin Factor escorts the angler, on a thrilling adventure, atop Cocoa Beach’s thin and thick waters. Reel-in Redfish, Black Drum, Snook, and even Tarpon inshore, or venture offshore to snag the region’s colossal hard fightin’ game. “We have some resident gamefish in this deeper zone that will definitely get your drag screaming,” states Captain Smith. Cocoa Beach’s offshore waters are infested with Shark.

This seaworthy team knows Cocoa Beach’s waters like a marine dentist knows teeth – insert pun about Sharks and dentistry. Moreover, Fin Factor Charters doesn’t deploy antiquated fishing equipment, the art of fishing may be ancient, but today’s angler is a tech-savvy Grizzly Adams, Fin Factor deploys advanced fishing technologies.

With the guidance of Captain Joseph A. Smith and the team at Fin Factor, seize El Dentuso, reel-in the Shark! In Spanish, Dentuso means big-toothed, and undoubtedly, the Shark is infamous for its large sabot-like teeth. “ Nothing puts up a better fight and gets your heart pumping like [reeling-in] these strong, toothy torpedo’s,” states Captain Smith.

Offshore is where the action is found! Fin Factor’s Deep Drop Charters place you among Cocoa Beach’s most intense fishing – atop the waves, where the seafloor is 300 to 800 feet below the water’s surface. These deep waters relinquish Tilefish, Grouper, Amberjack’s, and prized billfish!

Often, the Tilefish is omitted from the angler’s catalog of sought-after fish, it merely doesn’t possess the reputation of the Tarpon or Grouper, however, the Tilefish is as thrilling to catch as any of the aforementioned fish: it’s hefty, hard fightin’ and beautiful!

Fin Factor’s nearshore charters take place between Cocoa Beach’s shallow shore and deep waters. This the zone to reel-in Tarpon, the World’s most acrobatic fish. Aside from Tarpon, a wide variety of fish dwell among the near shore reefs.

Cocoa Beach is a paradise for anglers. Whether you’re interested in reaping fish from the shallow shoreline or deep offshore waters, Fin Factor has a trip for you. This knowledgeable team will assist you in honing your skills and catching legendary fish.

Nearshore Fishing

Great Action, Short Ride
Nearshore fishing off of Cocoa Beach brings you ample opportunity for some of Florida’s premiere gamefish species, but without the long boat ride. Redfish, Jack’s, Snapper, Grouper and more.

Offshore Fishing

The Main Attraction
Cocoa Beach is at the epicenter of Florida’s top offshore fisheries. If you are looking for a day full of action and excitement, then an offshore trip is going to be your best bet.


Cocoa Beach has it All
Billfish in the area are a common sight. Thanks to Cocoa Beach’s relation to the Gulf Stream, billfish frequent this area. Though, billfishing in itself can be seasonal, so check with us first.

Deep Drop

Fin Factor Charters specializes in deep drop fishing for tilefish. Since launching this option, we have stayed busy getting people on these fish, as well as amberjack and grouper.

Shark Fishing

Battle Huge Toothy Critters
If you think you have what it takes to take one of these on- with a rod and reel, then we have the gear, boat and Captain for you. Shark fishing in Cocoa Beach is simply epic.

Snapper Fishing

Seasonal Red Snapper
We offer seasonal red snapper fishing charters for our clients to take home some filets- as allowed by FWC. You can catch red snapper outside of season, but those must be released.

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